PHP 5.4 compiler for .NET/Mono frameworks. Phalanger compiles legacy PHP code to MSIL while being fully compatible with PHP behavior.

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Note: There is a new, modern PHP compiler to .NET entitled Peachpie, which is being developed at the moment. Please see the Peachpie repository

By Jakub Misek, 03/26/2011

As an established open-source community project, Phalanger already has a discussion forum and an issue tracker. Today, we’re starting a new Wiki page for Phalanger and also this blog. Although we’re actively working on Phalanger, we didn’t have any way to easily share news and information about the development of Phalanger with the community. We’re hoping to change it with this blog. Until today, there was no single blog site dedicated to Phalanger, except for Phalanger blog posts from Tomas.

WordPress is a blog engine written in PHP… and compiled.NET by Phalanger, of course! This serves both as a demonstration of how well Phalanger works, and it also saves resources of our web server. We decided to use WordPress, simply because it looks nice and professional. After months of looking for the prettiest theme, we finally got something. Then it was pretty simple to get it working; we just extracted WordPress into folder on our web server, installed Phalanger, added some configuration and here it is.